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A New Year of Morning and Evening

Posted By marita on January 20, 2013

Since this blog has been dormant for almost 8 months…Sorry.

It is a new year, 2013.  Happy New Year!

This year I am approaching my morning Quiet Time in a simpler way.  I am going with Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon.  An old classic, but wonderful insights.  It is easy to use , I have it on my PC Study Bible and an Ipad app . Mr. Spurgeon uses one verse or phrase from a verse in scripture and expounds on it in a short devotion each morning.  I usually only do the morning portion.  I love doing my Quiet Time this way because it allows me more time for meditation on the scripture and not a lot of reading on what an author thought the scripture says.  It also allows me a longer prayer period, which I desperately need.

For Scripture Memory this year I am participating with the Siesta Scripture Memory team on the LPM blog.  We start a new verse or portion of scripture on the 1st and 15th of the month.  This is really a much better length of time for memorizing scripture for me.  I tried memorizing the book of James last year (June – September). It was too overwhelming for me.  So I am sticking with this method until I get a word to move on.  I’m using the verses from the Fighter Verse Program initiated by Bethlehem Baptist Church.  They have a 5 year program of verses.  They do a verse a week.  I am doing a verse every two weeks.  Guess the 5 year program will take me 10 years, but it seems to stay in my head and heart better this way.  Just call me a tortoise.

I would love to know what your doing in your Quiet Time and any scripture memory tips you may have.

Onward in Faith,


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