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Praying the Word

Posted By marita on March 3, 2011

“In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and I will look up.” Ps 5:3

Lately I have been drawn to focus on praying.  I am amazed at what a difference focused, purposeful prayer makes in my life. Peace, Joy, and ease of communicating with the Holy Father are some of the blessings I am receiving from prayer.

Praying scripture is what I am beginning to work on currently.  Prayer helps build my prayer life by helping me to:

  • Understand God’s character
  • Trust God’s promises
  • Recognizing God’s Faithfulness
  • Claiming God’s Provision

I have found scriptures to pray for my husband, my daughter, myself.  Scriptures for repentance, for praise, for forgivness, greiving.  I am so excited to be learning how to pray scripture.

There are many ways to pray. I would love to hear of your prayer experiences, and if  you have a prayer request please let me know.  I would be honored to lift your request up in prayer.

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I live in Maricopa, AZ with my wonderful husband Don, my step-daughter Marilyn. I'm originally from Van Buren, AR with about a 20 year stint in Dallas, TX before moving to Maricopa in 2009.


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