Pens, Notes and Chai

These are a few of my favorite things


This blog was created to share a few of my favorite things. 

My Favorite Things:

I have a weird fascination with writing tools and I absolutely love to take notes.  Pens, color pencils, highlighters, etc.  I love them. I have them all over my desk and near any place in my home where I might spend time reading and taking notes.

I also love chai.  It is my favorite tea.  I love hot chai latte’s or just chai by itself.  Coffee doesn’t work for me, but chai …that is my poison.

I’m happily married to MY Man and loving life.  Currently I am experiencing many changes in my life and am going through a time of contemplation and re-affirmation of my beliefs.  I am a Christian with a deep faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and therefore a lot of my posts will be devotional thoughts reflecting my faith.

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